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Clients nowadays increasingly demand for suppliers of engineered equipment and products that can meet their process requirements with the highest quality at the lowest price in the global market place. Consize's proprietary web-enabled knowledge-based product configuration and sizing solution allows engineered equipment and product vendors to effectively meet this emerging challenge.
Product Selection/Sizing Engine
Our web-based and mobile sales software allows instant configuration, sizing, selection, and pricing of complex engineered equipment and products precisely based on the performance requirements specified by the customers.
  • Performance parameter input and validation
  • Manual and automatic sizing and optimization
  • Performance evaluation cost and/or market based pricing
  • Proposal package in MS Word, MS Excel, PDF and HTML format
  • Quotation search, sharing and editing across entire sales channel

Global Sales Channel Manager
Our Sales Channel Manager ties user profile and permission tightly with the client’s local or global sales channel, allowing on-the-fly control and setting of configuration features, product offers, parameter constraints, pricing and discounts.
  • Create and manage hierarchical global sales channel
  • Allow defining of discount level and commission calculation
  • Customized data mining for management evaluation
  • Allow real-time control of features: offer, product range and configuration constraints
  • Currency management and private label management
Order-Processing Engine
Our order-processing engine streamlines the life cycle of a quotation, minimizing or eliminating the need for manual data entry.
  • Status tracking of quotation life cycle
  • Engineering processing and BOM generation
  • Order package generation including production drawing
  • Part Inventory control and management
  • Data interface with existing ERP system
  • Customized data mining
CRM Express
Our web-based CRM Express addresses the needs of many small to medium sized companies for a lean and effective CRM system without being burdened by the large number of unwanted and irrelevant features from the generic CRM packages on the market.
  • Customer centered contact management
  • Stand-alone mode or integrated with product configurator
  • Task, activity and quotation management and tracking
  • Management report
  • Sales projection and pipeline report
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