Our Approach - Consize Inc.
Consize's web-based and mobile product configuration, selection and sales software is typically offered in the form of SaaS (Software as a Service).

This allows our clients to free themselves from managing software projects, which is often very challenging due to the rapidly advancing IT technologies, so that they can focus on their core expertise. We trust that our clients know their business the best.  With our sales solution, we bring significant value-adds by applying time-proven solution technologies which integrate key elements of the sales process into one user friendly, centralized software tool.  This ensures that our solution completely matches our clients' sales business needs.


We start each project by listening and understanding the business needs of our clients, so that we can most effectively address the outstanding issues. We assist our client in evaluating the existing IT infrastructure so that it can be integrated with the new solution with the most suitable interface. Based on this upfront work, we will propose our solution with detailed feature specifications. During development phase, we get our client involved during the entire process from UI prototype to production release. During the beta testing phase, we fix bugs and address issues using our real-time issue log and resolution system. We consider the production release not as the end of our project, but rather as the very beginning of our service, because only from this time, our clients can truly draw value from our solution into their business process. Any static software diminishes quickly in values. Our experiences shows that our first version of software often serves as a significant stimulus to rapidly further develop the system to tap into potentials not initially obvious.

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